Explore Thrissur From Vilangan Hills

Vilangan hills, a picturesque locale situated in the cultural capital of kerala. It s 5 km away from the main city of thrissur,and it s the highest place in the district. The 50 acre area is covered with verdant green bushes that give it a serene surrounding. From the top we could see Thrissur town in all its glory. It is a  perfect backdrop for a day out ,placid walks ,and short trips. For the lovers of nature, dawn and twilight are the preferred times to visit the vilangan hills. it has an open air theatre and an amusement park for children.
The good thing about Vilangankunnu is that there is something for everyone here, be it the breathtaking views of surroundings for adults or the fun filled environment for the kids. There are special arrangements for the children with protected playgrounds and the schools very often bring these children for picnics and day out.

Due to the solitude and privacy that it offers, the hillock is a hit amongst lovers as well. All this and more make Vilangan Hills one of the most favored travel attractions in Thrissur . A nominal entry fee and car parking fee is charged at the check post on the foothills. The road to uphill is narrow and caution should be maintained at every point, especially during the rainy season when the hill is at its scenic best.

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